Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

R.O.A.R. Student Expectations

Did you know that "Clarksville Cougars ROAR with an awesome attitude"? You may have seen this slogan around the school this year, on bulletin boards, on posters and in the classrooms. This year we have adopted the ROAR slogan to emphasize our school-wide expectations for our students.

ROAR stands for Respectful, On Task, Always Safe and Responsible. We expect our students to follow ROAR in the classrooms, hallways, lunchroom, recess, restrooms, assemblies and on the bus. We have been modeling and practicing ROAR expectations daily here at school and now we would like to officially share ROAR with you.

As you can see on the ROAR Matrix, all the student expectations are clearly described. Our students are doing a great job meeting expectations. Every day we start with a clean slate from the day before! If a student has had difficulty with a particular expectation, they will receive a warning sent home via a Communication Form that indicates the expectation not followed. Parents should sign this form and return it to school the next day.