Jump Rope for Heart Event

Mon, 02/06/2017 - 2:47pm
THANK YOU for all your support for our Jump Rope for Heart event! This year we have a brand new challenge for our students called the Zoo Crew E-card Challenge! This is when your student will go online, challenge themselves to do a heart healthy activity every day, and then send it out to 10 people so they can be healthy too! They will even get to pick their own animal and background!! Why is this SO important?! The American Heart Association wants each child to start healthy habits as early as possible. This is an easy and fun way to do it that not only involves them but also their friends and family! We also found out that if 30% of the school does this challenge, we would get up to $500 in US games certificates AND for every class who has every student complete this challenge, they will get a basket of RECESS EQUIPMENT (possible items: jump ropes, basketballs, kickballs, or soccer balls).
How can you do this with your student? Register online at heart.org/jump, login into your account, and complete the mission in step 1 AND step 2.
THANK YOU for everything you are doing for the American Heart Association and for our Physical Education Department!